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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"There is no friend as loyal as a book" - Ernest Hemingway

Meet the Author

Debby Richardson resides in Covington, Ga. 
  She is the award winner of various poetry contests in which she has won Famous Poet for three straight years in a row.
  Her uncanny ability to write poetry has also won her various other awards including Editors Choice from “The International Library of Poetry”, Honorable Mention from Lliad Press, along with other various poetry awards.
  Debby has also published various articles, editorials, and letters to the editors in national trucking magazines such as Transport Topics News along with being a Freelance Writer for and other various trucking magazines.
  This does not include little town newspapers and other publications in which she has written various articles as well.
  She is the renown Author of "September Fury: The day Terrorists Tried to Kill the American Dream." published in 2002. She has decided to publish her work on her own, and offer them for sale on this site.
  Debby is also a mother of two wonderful children, a daughter whose name is Jessica, and a son whose name is Christopher. She also has a wonderful Grandson, JJ who is the pride and joy of her life.    

If you would like to view Debby's Books that are published and for sale go to her Authors Website.

Click on the like on top of the page called "Books" there you will see all of her books that are for sale and links to directly order them. if you wish to have a signed copy go to the contact page and contact Debby herself. 

she will not be able to send international signed copies in regular mail due to costs of shipping. International Orders may obtain Debby's books at



                                                               Morning Coffee Blog.

 New Blog has been posted. I'm sorry there has been no blogs but I've been really sick the last 6 months, its explained in the new posted blog.
                             Keep checking back for updated blogs that have been added.


  Debby is no longer on Facebook, due to the hacking of Debby's Facebook pages and her Fb authors site Debby has closed down her Facebook pages, 
  If you need any assistance as to what social media network she will be going to  we will notify you right here or you can keep track of Debby and her work at her Authors website below. 

    Debby has a new Author website. Please book mark this page. We will still be using this blogsite as well.   
            Author Debby's New Website       

All though Debby is publishing new books, we are selling her other books that are autographed. If you would like an auto graphed copy straight from Debby, email her at with your order. 
                                                                                Have a Great Day.


  Books to be Released soon.

None as of yet.

Latest Books:Released Books for Sale.

God's Chosen Child.

 Newly Released God's Chosen Child
Based upon some of the encounters that I've personally had, it shows that God truely exists in all of us if we are not to closed minded, closed hearted, and to stubborn to realize God does talk to all of us if you only take the time to listen. He is always in your life and this book proves that God is real, he is there in good times and in bad times.

the paperback has been released. 
find it here (Click Here)

 September Fury: The Day Terrorists Tried to Kill the American Dream. 
                                 Kindle, Ipad. Iphone.

  September Fury painted a very real reminder in the minds of her readers. that we don't live in a Fairytale Land.  That our freedoms as a country are always in jeopardy. 
  Ms Richardson did an excellent job of encapsulating the whole picture of what led up to these terrible events of September 11th. An excellent book to be in all educational libraries.
  A Well written a very informative and emotional book on the terrorist’s attack of 9/11/01.

What her readers said about this book:
  "I found myself very engrossed in every page and couldn't put it down. From cover to cover an excellent rendition of thoughts,emotions, informative facts on the attack, the Taliban, a well laid out time line, as well as facts on Osama bin Laden. A "Must Read" book!"

  Through all of this tragedy that the Terrorist and Osama Bin Ladin has bestowed upon our nation this book has reflected the timeline as to this incident. A long to what and why this has all happened to our nation.
   September Fury bestows a lot of the authors own feelings when other Authors do not reflect on their emotions as to what they write.
  September Fury really captured the emotions of our naton with it's sorrow and anger of when this all happened up until now. It's well written and well worth reading for there has been a lot of research placed with in this book.

                                                                                                       Kindle, Ipad, Iphone.



$5.99 ebook through us unsigned by Author.

A Horse Named Lightning

  This is a story about a little boy who had dreams of catching a wild horse that the township named Lightning.
  The little boy dreamed of catching this horse which is a horse that no older person in town could ever catch and tame.
  The little boy lived and dreamed of gently getting the horse to trust him and after many adventures this horse finally came to trust Stephon.
  This is an awesome story with a lot of adventures. This book will captive you and you won't want to put this book down once you start reading it. This story is good for children, teens and adults alike. Soon to be released on Follow the authors page Debby Richardson - Author 

                                                      Kindle, Ipad, Iphone, & in  Paperback.


$9.99 Ebook Version directly to your email box unsigned.

$10.25 Each. 
You also can obtain a signed paperback copy of "A Horse Named Lightning" through us. Just contact us by email. Shipping does apply. (No International orders please.) Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

                         Reviews from those who purchased this book.

Martin Riess:
"I really enjoyed the exciting book that Ms. Richardson wrote. Once I started to read the book, I couldn't stop reading it until I completed the book. I give this book five (5) Stars.


A Truck Driver's Wife's Life. 

NOW IN PAPERBACK. also in kindle, ipad and iphone.

  This novel is a rendition as to what Debby herself, had gone through while being a truckers wife.
 The problems she faced, the lack of money, the lifestyle without her husbands and even her dreams that she kept silently to herself.
  This is a very captivating novel which will keep you on your toes with all of the adventures Marcy Dillenger had while being a truck drives wife, an author and raising a rambunctious little boy to boot.
  Debby understands the way of life that Trucking families have to endure, which is a misperception as to what normal people who are not in trucking do not realize.
  Some of the events in this book, Debby had actually lived herself.
  Debby had a first hand experience of being a trucker's wife. She is dedicating this book to all truck drivers and spouce's out there on the road. This is a first release. So be sure to get your copy today.

Reviews For this book:

 Amber Long: 
 "I am enjoying it. Right now Marcy Just went off the deep end and hollered at poor Max. And now she is getting ready to go on the road again with him out west. So we will see what that brings.  Can't wait to see what else you can come up with. I am gonna Grab a cup of coffee this morning and see if Marcy can keep from killing max.
those two are so typical old couple. i think Marcy is a good passionate person an boy is she strong headed. It cracks me up the way Max knows when to back off.
  She is a woman on a mission. Can't wait to see how many of her stories get published and which trucking place will finally get them the money they deserve.
 So far so good Wy. "

                                                                                          Available on Kindle, Ipad, Iphone Now in paperback click under picture.

                                                Paperback Version

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